A friends request

The concept of a friend in the virtual world is:
A person whose friends request, we accept, and then ask him do I know you ?
A person whom we start doubting from every point of view after accepting the friends request, not before that
A person to whom we do not want to respond if he or she wishes us
If this is what a friend implies, what does an enemy imply?
Trust people, you never know you may find another good friend in life
It is worth scanning 1000 persons to find one good friend
There is nothing better than having good friends in life
You always have the choice to separate the wheat from the chaff
Good Morning

I saw hundreds of beautifully made empty nests on the trees
abandoned by those birds who made them
no bird fighting for them,
the birds made those nests to keep their eggs
once the young ones flew away, the nests were abandoned
New season, new nest, new young ones
The cycle keeps on repeating, for a small time, the life of that bird
small brain, small life, small hopes, but big hearts
We Human beings have big brains, long life, big hopes, but very small hearts
We fight and kill each other, even for the very small houses that we make
Just think is it worth that……………..!