Our desires and the flow of life

Our desires and the flow of life do not follow the same paths
We may desire something, but there is some other thing that comes to us in the flow of life
Dont feel bad, the life flows in the best available ways to it
Just steer it carefully if you can,
So that the journey becomes less bumpy
Good Morning

until a few years ago, I was not sure what happiness is. in the usual sense of it, if buying something that you want gives happiness, I got that, if eating something that you wish to,gives happiness I got that, so on and so forth, yet I was looking for the meaning of happiness. I knew what made me sad but I never understood what made me happy. Then I started the other way. I penned down all those things that made me sad, One by one I began removing all those things from my life that made me sad. Today I have nothing with me that can make me sad. If sadness has gone away from my life what remains? It is only happiness……….! Try out this experiment, I do not know whether this experiment will make you understand the meaning of happiness but I am sure you will have only happiness left with you………..!

Lucky are those persons, who liberate themselves of this phantasmagoria called relationships, while they are alive
A liberated life is a beautiful life
Dont wait for that day, when one has to leave everything, whether one wants it or not
Good Morning