A friends request

The concept of a friend in the virtual world is:
A person whose friends request, we accept, and then ask him do I know you ?
A person whom we start doubting from every point of view after accepting the friends request, not before that
A person to whom we do not want to respond if he or she wishes us
If this is what a friend implies, what does an enemy imply?
Trust people, you never know you may find another good friend in life
It is worth scanning 1000 persons to find one good friend
There is nothing better than having good friends in life
You always have the choice to separate the wheat from the chaff
Good Morning

Tell what you want

Sometimes, we feel, why the other person is not understanding what we want from him.
This thought keeps on hovering in our mind and takes away all our peace and happiness
very few human beings have the skills of reading the hearts.
Most of us do not know what is there in the heart of the other person
When a person cannot read your heart, how can he know what is there in your heart
Tell him, what you want
Straight away
Then leave it to him,
he may do or he may not do
But you will feel relieved
You will feel light and free
Thing that you wanted from the other person will become secondary then,
Primary will be your happiness
That you will experience
In opening up your heart through your mouth
Try it and see it for yourself, if I am correct or wrong

Our desires and the flow of life

Our desires and the flow of life do not follow the same paths
We may desire something, but there is some other thing that comes to us in the flow of life
Dont feel bad, the life flows in the best available ways to it
Just steer it carefully if you can,
So that the journey becomes less bumpy
Good Morning

until a few years ago, I was not sure what happiness is. in the usual sense of it, if buying something that you want gives happiness, I got that, if eating something that you wish to,gives happiness I got that, so on and so forth, yet I was looking for the meaning of happiness. I knew what made me sad but I never understood what made me happy. Then I started the other way. I penned down all those things that made me sad, One by one I began removing all those things from my life that made me sad. Today I have nothing with me that can make me sad. If sadness has gone away from my life what remains? It is only happiness……….! Try out this experiment, I do not know whether this experiment will make you understand the meaning of happiness but I am sure you will have only happiness left with you………..!

I saw hundreds of beautifully made empty nests on the trees
abandoned by those birds who made them
no bird fighting for them,
the birds made those nests to keep their eggs
once the young ones flew away, the nests were abandoned
New season, new nest, new young ones
The cycle keeps on repeating, for a small time, the life of that bird
small brain, small life, small hopes, but big hearts
We Human beings have big brains, long life, big hopes, but very small hearts
We fight and kill each other, even for the very small houses that we make
Just think is it worth that……………..!

Food for thought

Many of us are very health conscious.
We count calories before taking our meals
Take tissue papers and wipe off the oil even when no oil is seen
We forget to realize that food that we eat, is for our body and soul
One must relish the food
If ones soul remains hungry, because we plan food only for our body, then one doesn’t relish the food, and the purpose of eating food is defeated
Eat, that satisfies your body and soul
Then, the purpose of food would be served, eating would be an enjoyable experience, and life would be longer

unconditional love

I was taking a quick nap in the afternoon
suddenly I was awaken by a sweet kiss on my left cheek
A sweet voice said, ” Uncle Uth Jayiye ” ( Uncle Please get up)
I got up and saw a 4 year old girl waking me up
her name is Yashi
The parents of Yashi, who are our neighbour, have been bringing Yashi to our house since her birth
That was Yashi’s last day in that house
her parents were moving out to some other house
she had come to us for the last time
That sweet kiss was the parting gift Yashi gave me
Through that kiss she poured on me all the love she had for me
What better gift one can think of,
A gift straightaway coming from the heart
The purest form of unconditional love ………………..!

Relations should always be nurtured, with lots of love and care, dont take any one in any relation for granted, otherwise, even the most homey relations also become estranged and remain estranged for ever

Lucky are those persons, who liberate themselves of this phantasmagoria called relationships, while they are alive
A liberated life is a beautiful life
Dont wait for that day, when one has to leave everything, whether one wants it or not
Good Morning

Speak beautifully and be attractive for ever

Our face may or may not be beautiful
but the words that come out of our mouth should be beautiful
A beautiful face attracts you only once, till you open your mouth
but beautiful words attract you for ever
Face we cannot change, but words we can change
Speak beautifully and be attractive for ever
Good Morning

There are some of us, who believe that the world has given them carte blanche to do anything to get ahead in life
There are also a few others who innocuously move ahead by following whatever is permitted by common morality and the legality
in the end when they assess themselves, which they do, the achievements of both of them have a very marginal difference.
Living life innocuously is worth it……………………..!